How To Lose 12lbs in 2 Weeks !!

Losing 12 kilos in just 2 weeks is certainly not the easiest of the challenges that one can impose on oneself! There is of course the use of surgery that can help you get there , but if you prefer to adopt a more "natural" method, follow the tips and tricks we reveal here.

Junk food or junk food is absolutely to be banned from your diet if your goal is to lose weight as quickly as possible. You will have to say goodbye to foods that are too fatty, filled with refined sugar or fried.

You will also have to deprive yourself of white carbohydrates , which contribute to the storage of fat. Bread, white rice , pasta, potatoes, or cookies are prohibited.

What you can eat to lose weight

Choosing a balanced diet is not enough to lose a dozen pounds in fourteen days . Certain foods require many more calories to be digested than they provide to the body (we speak of negative calories). Do not deprive yourself of it.

These are fruits and vegetables like cauliflower , asparagus, broccoli, garlic, zucchini, melon, watermelon, mango, blueberry, strawberry, tomato.

Tips that could be very useful to you

  • Drink plenty of water and only water : in addition to increasing the metabolism, water provides a feeling of fullness and contains no calories;
  • Don't skip any meals, and even eat more often. Snacking is strongly recommended, as long as it is healthy food . This allows you to keep the metabolism active and to avoid feeling too much hunger which could lead you to overindulge;
  • Cook yourself: this will give you a more satisfying psychological relationship with your food, in addition to knowing exactly what you are eating;
  • To avoid cravings , it is important that you stay as active as possible. If you were keen to read a particularly captivating book, write one or go sightseeing, this might be a good time;
  • Exercise continuously: take the stairs instead of the elevator, tiptoe, push-up, dance, etc. Any physical activity is good to take!
  • So that your motivation does not weaken, bring a friend with you, if there is one who has the same goals as you.
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